MINI bp pulse partnership


MINI & bp pulse

bp pulse have partnered with MINI! This means that any MINI electric driver could gain access to the largest network of public charging stations nationwide with a single card.

bp pulse owns over 7000 public electric vehicle charging points across the UK.  Further charging points are always being added to the network and we look forward to welcoming MINI electric drivers to bp pulse.

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MINI Electric

The new fully electric mini 3-door hatch.

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MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid

The MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid. Home charging time of 4 hours with Homecharge *

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Charging Solutions

Home Charging

The UK’s most popular Homecharge unit supplied and fully installed. Made in the UK, with over 40,000 Homecharge customers to date. Our smart Homecharge units are fast, safe and a reliable way to charge your electric vehicle at home.

bp pulse

Available fully installed from £449*

MINI wallbox Connect

Available from £900*

Why Choose a bp pulse home unit?

Smart Enabled

Free Smartcharge app allows you to control your Homecharge unit remotely

Connection type

Choose between a socketed and a 5m tethered unit to suit your needs the best

Easy Installation

Quick and easy to install; Installed by our trusted specialists electricians

Fast Charging

Charging capacity up to 7kW. Benefit from faster charging speeds and built-in safety features.

BP Chargemaster socketed homecharge unit
Tried & Trusted

Installed in over 40,000 locations with high customer approval ratings

3 Year Warranty

All of our units come with a 3 year warranty as standard

Data Usage

Monitor your historic data usage and view detailed reports with access to ChargeVision


Comes with a key as standard to ensure access security for your unit

* Pricing starts from £449 with the OZEV grant, prices may vary depending on your EV manufacturer.

MINI Wallbox Connect

Smart Charging

WiFi Integration. View your charging data remotely via the free BMW iV App


Charging controlled remotely via the free BMW iV App

Easy Installation

Quick and easy to install; Installed by our trusted specialist electricians

BP Chargemaster tethered homecharge unit
Fast Charging

Charging capacity up to 22kW


Built-in RFID card reader. Provides access rights for up to three users.

Tethered Cable

5m cable length. Simply loop the cable around the unit.

* Pricing starts from £900 with the OZEV grant.

Public Charging

We run the UK’s biggest public charging network. It links over 7,000 public charging points, giving EV drivers a convenient and reliable nationwide charging system. We’re also the largest rapid charging network in the UK, with over 400 rapid charge points nationwide. See how you can start charging using our network today!


12p per kWh*

Access to over 7,000 charge points across the UK with an access card at our best value charging tariffs, all for £7.85 (incl. VAT) per month.

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Instant charging access

18p per kWh*

Subscription not for you? You can access the bp pulse network on a pay-as-you-go basis just at a higher charging tariff than subscription and every charge has a minimum spend of £1.20. Just register on the bp pulse app, top up and go!

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30p per kWh*

Most of our bp pulse50 and all bp pulse150 charging points allow contactless payment with a minimum spend of £1.50.

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Charging with a MINI electric?

Our MINI charging service is here!
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Charging for business

If you own a business that is open to the public, for example a restaurant, hotel or garden centre, we may be able to install a charge point at your site! Your charging point would be visible on the bp pulse charging point map, letting EV drivers know where to charge and helping to increase footfall.

Not open to the public? No problem. We can install charge points at your workplace to support your employees and drivers make the EV transition. Talk to your facilities manager or get in touch with our sales team at salesdesk@bp.com

customers Charging

For your customers

By 2020 there could be over 250,000 EV drivers in the UK. Installing our charging points encourages them to visit you more often and stay for longer. Either provide free charging as an added customer benefit. or charge a usage fee. Our Advisers can help you decide.

Staff Charging

For staff and visitors

Help your staff and visitors join the ever-increasing band of electric drivers, whilst also demonstrating your commitment to the environment. Our bespoke range of market-leading premium workplace charging solutions makes this easy and rewarding.

Staff Charging

For developers

Increasingly planning authorities are requiring developers to include charging points for a percentage of parking spaces in new Retail, Residential and Commercial Developments. Our team can advise you on how to tackle this and find the most suitable charging solution.


Charge management platform

The most sophisticated charging back end system. All our communicating workplace and commercial units automatically connect to our charge management platform system, enabling users and site owners to see live analytics and historical reports on usage. Reports can be downloaded for accounting purposes and management information systems.